Icechallenge - Cancellation!
After careful consideration, we, the Icechallenge team, have made the decision to cancel the Icechallenge 2023.

In the last year 2022 we were able to record a record of 139,000 hits on the live stream and achieve more than 60,000 YouTube clicks.

Of course, the decision was not easy for us! Our credo is always to appear professional and to develop positively after constructive criticism, we don't see this as currently possible in the sporting environment. Anyone who is constantly struggling with headwinds will eventually lose the desire to do their best for others!

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us from the beginning, believed in us and trusted us.

Special thanks and great appreciation go to our now honorary president Trixi Schuba and Dr. Hannes Hofmann.

We would like to thank those responsible for the city of Graz, in particular City Councilor Kurt Hohensinner and the heads of the sports department, Gerhard Peinhaupt and Thomas Rajakovics, for their constant support. Further thanks go to the Mayor's Office of the City of Graz for all Icechallenge years!

Special thanks to Mr. Dietmar Hardt-Stremayr on the part of Graz Tourismus and departments 9 and 12 of the province of Styria.

Thanks to our umbrella organization of the Sportunion to Markus Pichler and Christian Jopp.

We would like to thank the Austrian Federation for the trust and the associated reporting of the competition to the ISU, as well as the funding made available according to measure.

We would like to thank the stadium team and the best ice masters for the great conditions! And everyone we can't name here - your help with problems with ice skates, medical care, rebooking of flight tickets and much more!

Last but not least, the biggest thanks go to everyone who took part in the Icechallenge - all athletes and their teams, all officials and accompanying persons and of course all sponsors - that's the Icechallenge - Emotions on the Rocks!

We bow and look back with pride!



Leider läßt sich eine wahrhafte Dankbarkeit mit Worten nicht ausdrücken.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Wir sagen DANKE an unsere wertvollen Partner und Sponsoren - ohne Euch wäre nichts möglich!


2B Icechallenge  - Watch it and support your favorit skaters
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Hochsaison im Eissalon - das Eis im Merkur Eisstadion wird glühen!   Die weltbesten Eiskunstläufer nehmen am ISU Challenger Weltcup in Graz teil!   

Entertainment Pur

Ein großartiger Wettbewerb mit den Topstars des Eiskunstlauf!
Im Merkur Eisstadion ist Hochsaison im Eissalon und die Creme de la Creme internationaler Stars sind als Kufenkünstler zu Gast!
Das Publikum im Merkur Eisstadion wird artistisch-sportliche Höchstleistungen gepaart mit künstlerischen Inszenierungen bestaunen und die Eiskunstlaufstars werden für Gänsehautmomente sorgen!

Graz is again center of figure skating stars!

The audience in the Merkur Ice Stadium can marvel at the world's best figure skating artists. A world of artistic and sporting top performances paired with artistic illusions will give you goose bumps!

Thank You